1957 12 Hours of Sebring. In color.

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My dad raced here in 1957 in a 1500cc MGA.YouTube Preview ImageYouTube Preview ImageYouTube Preview Image

Well done, Audi.

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From the Darwin Award files…

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119673076_af814cea1f_o-1.jpgFrom the California Melee mailing list -“For those interested in upgraded insanity there was the Turbonique DragAxle, which appeared to be a center section for a quick changedifferential – but with a mutant spaceship tumor growing from its hinder.That tumor was, in fact, a rocket engine providing direct drive to therear axle. When not in use, the car would drive under conventional powerthrough the front drive shaft. When the driver hit the “panic button,” therear mounted rocket would immediately engage and begin channeling OneThousand Three Hundred Thermolene-addled rocket horsepower to the rearskins. All this despite weighing a scant 100 pounds. It was advised thatthe driver keep his thumb on the switch during operation since, having noclutch or fuel metering, the only way to control acceleration was byshutting off the fuel supply.”Were any of these actually sold?  If so, did they work and where can I get one?

Mille Miglia

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1948YouTube Preview Image1951YouTube Preview Image 

The New GM

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I’m feeling a little ill today.  This is a sad day to be a car guy.

HWMS Presents: Truth in 24!

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Please join us for plenty of food, motor-talk, beer, and of course, this fantastic film!  Get there early and bring a friend or three.

Click here for directions to Molly Malone’s.

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